City Gives Yale Park Apartment Owner 60 Days To Make Repairs

The City of Omaha is giving the owner of Yale Park Apartments the opportunity to fix the place up. Kay Anderson has 60 days to get Building A of the complex up to code and ready to rent. He also has to report back to the city with a plan to complete the rest of the apartment complex.

Last fall, the 100 unit complex was evacuated after the city found thousands of code violations last September. The city has already given him 120 days to start making repairs.

The city has also filed criminal charges against Anderson related to Yale Park. Earlier this week, he pleaded not guilty to 99 misdemeanors related to code violations. Each count carries a $550 fine and six months in jail.

Anderson's attorney has said he believes the landlord is being used in a political stunt. "These proceedings are a disgrace," he told 6 News on Monday. "They're scary and they're very un-American."


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