New Details In Sydney Loofe Murder

New court documents filed on Friday reveal Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell conspired to commit murder months before the killing of Sydney Loofe in November 2017.

The new records show that in July 2017, Trail and Boswell, who are both facing first-degree murder charges for the killing of Loofe started to “promote or facilitate the commission of first-degree murder.”

The two are now being charged with criminal conspiracy to commit murder on top of first-degree murder and improper disposal of human skeletal remains. Further charges of aggravating circumstances on Trail's First-Degree Murder Charge were also filed: "a substantial prior history of serious assaultive or terrorizing criminal activity" and that "the murder manifested exceptional depravity."

The documents also state Boswell “solicited young females through social networking sites,” and the two eventually “selected a victim to murder.” The two then purchased the tools used to kill Loofe and disposed of her body between Nov. 15 and Dec. 4, 2017.

The state is seeking the death penalty for both Boswell and Trail. Trail is set for a jury trial in June 17, according to the documents.


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