Marlin Briscoe Statue Gets New Home

A University of Nebraska at Omaha legend is going to have a new home on campus. A bronze statue of Marlin Briscoe, a UNO alum and the first African-American to start an NFL game at quarterback, will be moved to UNO’s Dodge Campus just north of Al Caniglia Field.

The statue has been in Baxter Arena’s lobby since 2016. “We felt the best location to honor Marlin Briscoe was outside Al F. Caniglia field,” said UNO Athletics Director Trev Alberts. “The location is the most prominent viewing place where all students, faculty and coaches will see the statue on a daily basis.”

Briscoe, who still owns the Denver Broncos record for most touchdown passes by a rookie quarterback, said he’s happy to see his statue next to the field named after his former coach and mentor, Al Caniglia.

“Coach Caniglia was like a father to me, not only in football, but in life as well,” Briscoe says. “To be connected to him again means a lot.”

The university will have a formal ceremony to dedicate the statue after it is moved this spring.


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