Man Arrested After Allegedly Abducting And Assaulting Mother Of His Kids

A Lincoln man is behind bars after allegedly forcing the mother of his children into a car a assaulting her.

Lincoln Police say just before 2:00 Sunday morning, officers responded to a home near 17th and Euclid regarding a domestic assault. A 32 year woman told officers that she was taking the trash out to the alley behind her home when the father of her children, 26 year old Jeremy Tackett, approached her.

The victim reported that Tackett threatened her and was grasping something near his waistline that she believed was a gun. She says Tackett then forced her to into her car. Tackett reportedly drove around the neighborhood while assaulting the victim as she made multiple attempts to escape.

The car got stuck and the victim was eventually able to escape and get help. Meanwhile, Tackett drove the victim's car back to her home, went inside and locked the door. Officers entered the home and found Tackett passed out in the children’s room. He was arrested for First Degree False Imprisonment and Third Degree Domestic Assault.


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