Waco, Nebraska Firefighters Injured In I-80 Crash

A number of crashes were reported along I-80 in Nebraska Saturday afternoon during the blizzard. One of those crashes near York injured several Waco volunteer firefighters.

The department says while responding to the accident scene two of their trucks were hit by a semi. That resulted in several injuries to members of WFD. They were taken to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries. The extent of the injuries are not yet known. The department didn't say specifically where the crash happened, but the Nebraska State Patrol says one of three major crashes happened around 2:45 east of York and involved an estimated 30 vehicles, including at least 15 semis. More than 100 vehicles became stranded behind that crash.

In a Facebook post the department said "while we know that many houses of worship are cancelled for tomorrow, we would ask that you remember our department in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you and stay safe out there."

There were two other big crashes on I-80 Saturday afternoon. At around 3:10 p.m. a crash occurred near Aurora and involved approximately 15 vehicles, including 10 semis. At least 50 vehicles became stranded behind that crash.

There were an estimated 25 vehicles involved in the crash at mile marker 409, near Waverly. About 15 of those vehicles were semis. The crash occurred at approximately 4:00 p.m. No significant injuries have been reported in that crash.

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