Plattsmouth Schools Closed Due To Bed Bugs

The Plattsmouth School District closed for Friday after bed bugs were found inside the high school. Parents are concerned the bugs could have spread to the middle and elementary school.

"It solved a mystery for me because we have a minor case of bed bugs in our house and we have no idea where they could have come from," parent Debra Danner told 6 News.

The Plattsmouth Community School District canceled school in order to treat for bed bugs. "I suspect that my daughter may have accidentally, not knowingly brought them home with her," Danner says. The family has been fighting bed bugs for the last couple of weeks.

Bed bugs were found in the books at the school, indicating the infestation was widespread and had been there for a while. The school district released a statement saying, "We've received a report of bed bugs at Plattsmouth High School. A pest control company will be inspecting all the building and treating them as deemed necessary.

"The treatment sounds great, but if they don't fix the problems at home it's just gonna come back," parent Erica Keller told 6 News.. Bug experts at UNO said that while it's uncommon, bed bugs can hitchhike from an infested home to a student's possessions and that treating an infestation can be difficult and costly.

The district says they plan to resume classes on Monday.


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