Fire Officials Ask Residents With Nearby Hydrants To Clear Them Of Snow

Relentless snow has been building up on, and getting cleared off of, sidewalks, roofs and and roads, but fire officials are reminding residents to be aware of snow covering up fire hydrants.

Fire hydrants around the metro can be seen barely poking their colorful heads above mounds of snow, so the Omaha Fire Department took to Twitter Thursday asking the public for help in clearing the fluffy white stuff away.

Homeowners should be aware that it is up to the property owners to clear off hydrants and cleaning up the nozzle portion where the hose goes is not enough.

The Omaha Fire Department’s Scott Fitzpatrick tells 6 News, “We use more than the front. We use the sides of the hydrant as well. Sometimes we hook the hose around the fire hydrant and pull it off to where fire is. We need space to wrap around the hose."

In addition to clearing off the hydrant itself, and the area around it, officials also ask residents to shovel up to the street to clear a path for them.


(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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