Blizzard Warning Issued For Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa

A Blizzard Warning has been issued for most of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa from Saturday afternoon through early Sunday. Wind gusts of 35 mph or strong will combine with falling snow to create near whiteout conditions, making travel dangerous or impossible.

Some light drizzle or light rain may develop after 6 pm Friday. North of I-80, this may come in the form of patchy freezing drizzle or freezing rain.

Light drizzle or rain may persist through Saturday morning. According to WOWT 6 a very powerful storm system will approach the area late Saturday morning into the afternoon hours.

Wind will significantly increase as the system approaches, with gusts of 30 to 50 mph possible. Precipitation may initially start as rain, but will quickly transition to snow from west to east during the late morning and early afternoon.

Rain should change to snow in the metro area between Noon and 3 pm. Once snow begins, it will likely snow at extreme rates for several hours. The heavy snow combined with wind gusts up to 50 mph will create blizzard conditions.

Travel will be extremely difficult if not impossible and everyone is encouraged to stay home and off the roads Saturday afternoon. Periods of heavy snow and very strong winds will continue into the evening hours, before tapering off by 9 pm. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 9 inches are expected in a narrow band through portions of eastern Nebraska, including parts of the metro.

The snow will be extremely wet and heavy, and will likely stick to trees and power lines, resulting in some power outages when combined with the very strong wind gusts. Once the storm exits the area late Saturday night, cold and breezy conditions are expected on Sunday, with quieter but still cold conditions heading into next week.


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