Homeowners Concerned About Amount Of Snow Accumulating On Roofs

Snow isn't just piling up on roads and sidewalks, but it's also piling up on the rooftops of homes and that's causing concern for some homeowners.

"The worries about snow, especially on top of the house is it can build up ice dams and they get into the gutters and the gutters actually fall off the house if they're heavy enough, and so I use a roof rake all the time," homeowner John Flemming told 6 News.

Rick Vanscoy sells roof rakes at Johnson's Hardware and he tells 6 News that this might be the first year in a while the tall rakes are necessary. "It's been mild. in fact, we've had these around for probably three years 'cause we just haven't that much snow," Vanscoy said.

Professional roofers said that as of now they are not concerned about icicles or the weight of snow on rooftops.

Mike Mills with Pyramid Roofing says they are more concerned about the condensation that could be building up on homes. "The condensation in the attic space can deteriorate the plywoods from the inside out. Moisture in the attic space is not good. it can get the insulation wet when it starts melting, so you have to make sure those attics are ventilated properly."

Experts said they don't worry about the weight of snow on rooftops until the snow accumulates to about two feet.


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