UNL Professor Cited For Vandalism Of Office, Political Signs

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor has been cited for vandalizing Senator Congressman Jeff Fortenberry's political signs and Senator Deb Fischer's office.

Patricia Wonch-Hill is a research assistant professor of sociology at UNL. Lincoln Police say she was cited for three counts of vandalism for incidents that took place on October 21.

Lincoln Police say their forensic identification unit analyzed the signs and Betsy Riot stickers that were placed on Senator Fischer's office door and found Wonch-Hill's fingerprints at all three locations.

"We are fortunate to live in a country that not only allows free speech, but also encourages open dialogue between differing perspectives," an police department spokesperson says. "LPD is committed to fairly and impartially protecting all citizens’ right to free speech. However, we will also hold accountable those who participate in unlawful behavior."

The University released this statement:

"We do not condone vandalism. However, this is a personal legal matter based on actions of a faculty member on their own time, and they will have to take accountability for their actions based on the outcome of the legal process."


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