LaVista Police Tow, Ticket 27 Vehicles During Snow Emergency

More than two dozen LaVista residents learned the hard way that there are consequences for parking on the street during a snow emergency. Police Chief Bob Lausten tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB they issued 23 citations and towed four vehicles that had been left on the street during the storm Tuesday night into Wednesday.

"We actually contacted the owners of 67 vehicles," Lausten says. 40 of the owners complied and moved their vehicles. "There's really no reason people can't move their vehicles. They know it's snowing, they know public works has to plow and they know their neighbors are going to be upset when half of their street isn't plowed because people didn't move their vehicles."

The snow emergency began Tuesday evening and ended at noon on Wednesday. The fourth and final car was towed away around 2:00 p.m. Lausten says the 27 violations is a high number for this late in the winter. He's hoping for better cooperation this weekend when more heavy snow could fall.

"It's not odd or even, it's pretty simple. If we're going to have more than two inches of snow and the mayor declares a snow emergency, please move your car until public works has a chance to clear the street."

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