Homeowner Writes Strongly Worded Sign About The Man Who Stole His Shovel

A simple sign stuck in the snow is attracting lots of attention near 50th and Center. A homeowner made the sign over the weekend after someone walked up to his house and stole his shovel.

The sign reads, "To the (expletive) stick who stole my snow shovel. I have you on camera. I will find U."

Homeowner Wes Cardy tells 6 News that he was upset that someone would walk up and take his property. "I wasn't worried about the $10 shovel. It was that someone had the audacity to steal personal property, that's what I was upset about."

Cardy says a security camera captured the thief backing up to Cardy's driveway at 3:30 AM, walking up to the front door while smoking and taking the shovel. "He didn't speed up and jump out of his car and grab the shovel. He was toking on a cigarette, walked to the front porch and slowly walked back and threw it in the front seat and drove away."

The thief was driving a four-door silver Chevy Impala.

"At least if he's going to steal snow shovels, at least do the driveway and front porch for them before he takes off with it," said Cardy, who hopes someone recognizes the guy or the car and that justice helps teach the thief a lesson.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)

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