City Ready For Next Winter Storm

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert says the city is ready to tackle the next round of heavy snow that will move through the metro area Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

"Our job is to just keep up with what happens," she said. The city will have 100 pieces of equipment clearing snow on primary and residential streets. When the residential contractors are brought in after snowfall tops two-inches that number will jump to 300.

Stothert has the option of calling a snow emergency, but says right now she has not done so. They are rarely used in Omaha and the mayor said that's because there is often confusion among residents about how to comply.

The mayor said the budget is in good shape to handle the upcoming weather challenges. She said finances are not an issue and the crews are ready.

"All hands are on deck when we have a situation like we're having right now."

The mayor addressed the option of declaring a snow emergency for dealing with a storm like this. They are rarely used in Omaha and the mayor said that's because there is often confusion among residents about how to comply.

A snow emergency declaration only impacts streets east of 72nd Street and requires parking on alternate sides of the street between odd and even days. She says that can delay how long it takes to get the entire street cleared. "It really just extends the time that it normally takes to clear the roads in a snow operation."

Public Works crews will be plowing snow to the middle of some major streets, instead of to the curb during the snowstorm. That allows better plowing at the curb lanes. Later in the cleanup operation, the snow piles will be hauled away.

These are the locations 


Dodge Street-10th to Happy Hollow Blvd

Farnam 10th to Turner Blvd

14th Street Capitol Ave to Jackson St

10th Street Dodge to Pacific

Douglas Street from Turner Blvd to 10th

Harney-Turner Blvd to 10th

13th Street-Jackson to Capitol Ave

17th Street-Farnam to Harney

19th Street Harney to Farnam


Dodge Street-Happy Hollow Blvd to Turner Blvd

Douglas Street-Turner Blvd to 10th Street

Maple 58th to 66th

Stothert also reminded property owners that it's their responsibility to get their sidewalks cleared after a snow. The city had 123 complaints last week to the hotline.

Due to the inclement weather forecast, Omaha Public Schools and Westside Community Schools are canceling all after school and school-related activities for this evening. UNO has canceled evening classes tonight. UNO and Creighton have canceled classes on Wednesday.


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