Shooter Dies From Self Inflicted Wound At Uta Halee

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says a gunman is dead after shooting himself at the Uta Halee Academy in Ponca Hills on Friday.

Captain Steve Glandt says they received a report of an active shooter around 12:30 at 10625 Calhoun Road, which is north of I-680. He says one shot was possibly fired to gain entry into the administration building. Glandt says a second gunshot was reported and that was the one that killed the suspect.

Glandt says they were still trying to identify the man and don't know what the motive was for the shooting. He says it does not appear to be a random act.

"The shooter may have known somebody at the school. We're not looking for any other suspects at this point." Glandt says the shooter didn't make it into any of the cottages where Uta Halee residents stay. "The girls are accounted for, they're safe," Gland says.

Authorities searched the man’s car at the scene and planned to search his house Glandt says. Uta Halee is a residential treatment center for young women and is now operated by Rite of Passage. Dr. Tanya Martin is the principal and issued this statement:

"Earlier today, a shooting occurred at the administrative building at the Uta Halee Academy campus in Omaha, Nebraska. All of the staff and students are safe. The shooter took his own life and no staff or students were injured. Law enforcement responded immediately and all internal protocols were followed. The shooter has been identified as the estranged husband of a staff member who was not on site at the time.”


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