Jail Time For Man Involved In Crash That Killed Two Year Old

An Omaha man was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday in connection with the death of a 2-year-old child in a hit and run crash last Memorial Day.

Devon Morris was unrestrained in the back of another vehicle when Collier ran a red light, causing the crash. Collier pleaded guilty in December to running a red light and then leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

In addition to the prison time, he is facing 18 months of post-release supervision and a two year revocation of his driver’s license. In court on Wednesday, Collier’s lawyer, Glenn Shapiro, told the judge, “Leaving the scene did not change what happened that day.”

But the prosecutor said, "If he stuck around, this would be a different case." Devon's mother told Collier she has forgiven him for his role in the death of her son. Collier told her he apologized from the "bottom of my heart."

Collier was given credit for 255 days served. Shapiro says he expects his client to be out of prison in 110 days.


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