Union Pacific Cuts Nearly 150 Jobs In Omaha

Union Pacific announced on Tuesday that they have cut about 250 jobs across company wide with nearly 150 of those coming here in Omaha. The company plans to make more organizational changes in the future.

Union Pacific says they have reduced the number of locomotives they run, meaning 450 mechanics were furloughed.

In October Union Pacific announced a workforce reduction of approximately 475 people, with an additional 200 contract positions eliminated.

The company plans to make organizational changes as well, including how different departments interact. The changes are part of a long term plan the company calls "Unified Plan 2020." That plan and other initiatives are helping the company boost efficiency and productivity. T

Company officials said in a statement that the initiatives also are allowing them to better compete in the marketplace against other railroads and freight transportation modes. "While more organizational and operating changes are still to come, the improvements to date are significant,"


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