Music May Be Key In Ending Runners Knee Pain

Creighton University's School of Physical Therapy is looking for volunteers to take part in a running study.Many runners experience knee pain that impacts their workout.The cure may be music.

Professor, Dr. Terry Grindstaff and Danny McAndrew, a physical therapy student, want to know if stepping up the pace a bit can put an end to knee pain.“Altering running cadence has been shown in studies to provide some relief, but is most often done using a metronome,” Grindstaff said. “Since Danny has a background in running, he suggested we utilize music, which is more commonly used by runners for tempo running.”

They are looking for volunteers to take part.They must be between the ages of 12 and 35 and run at least 10 miles a week. The volunteers must have at least a month of experiencing pain in the front of the knee when running, kneeling, squatting or sitting for prolonged periods of time.The study requires two visits with researchers about a week apart.

Those wanting more information should contact Brooke farmer at 402-280-5265 or email .

The study is funded by a NASA Nebraska Space Grant.


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