Lincoln Officer Saves Man From Burning Duplex

A Lincoln police officer is being praised as a hero for rescuing a 40-year-old man from a burning duplex on Monday afternoon.

Officer Taylor Murphy was going to work around 3:30 p.m. when she was flagged down by a young girl near 10th and B streets.

The girl told the officer her home was on fire and there was somebody still inside. Murphy notified dispatch of the situation and entered the duplex as it filled with smoke. The other side of the duplex was on fire at the time. She encountered a man who did not want to leave.

Officer Murphy helped the man exit the duplex and suffered some side effects of smoke inhalation but did not seek medical attention at that time. An on-duty officer arrived on scene as they were exiting, and helped get the man to safety.

Officer Murphy continued on to work and completed her shift. In a statement Lincoln Police said "the young girl should be commended for running to get help. Officer Murphy should be commended for stopping for the young girl, reacting quickly, and selflessly placing her self in danger to help a stranger. Officer Murphy frequently displays this type of selflessness and compassion towards her coworkers and the public and was surprised at the attention it has received."

Officer Murphy has been with the Lincoln Police Department for 2 years and was previously a military police officer in the Air Force. Officer Murphy is married with two children.


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