7 Accidents On Giles This Morning, Cell Phones May Have Been A Factor

Cell phone use may have played a role in a series of accidents this morning between 114th and 117th and Giles.There were seven accidents reported between 7:55 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

La Vista Police Sgt. Brian Stolley says while they were investigating they noticed an interesting observation.He says, "We noticed when we were out there that a lot of drivers were on their cell phones.They weren't slowing down for the conditions.We had blowing snow so the road was quickly becoming iced over and drivers weren't prepared for that."

Stolley says while they were shutting down the road they also noticed that a number of drivers passing by had their cell phones out either talking, taking videos or looking at mapping directions.He says distracted driving on slick roads is a dangerous combination.

A La Vista cruiser was damaged in one of the accidents..Stolley says an officer was responding to an accident and was rear-ended by another vehicle.The cruiser had lights on at the time and there is minor damage.

Several of the accidents this morning resulted in injuries.Nebraska lawmakers are considering legislation that would make cell phone use behind the wheel a primary offense.


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