Ralston Firefighter Honored During Organ Donor Walk

A Ralston firefighter who died unexpectedly earlier this week was honored as he was taken to perform his final act of service and selflessness.

The hallways of CUMC Bergan Mercy Hospital were lined with supporters early Friday morning. Medical staff, area first responders and family members were there for an Honor Walk for Ralston Firefighter Brian Saathoff. The Honor Walk is a ceremony where an organ donor is taken in to have their organs retrieved.

Saathoff was an organ donor and, as he did for years as a firefighter, wanted to help those in need, even in death. His family wanted to share the Honor Walk with the community Saathoff served for so long.

Ralston Fire Chief Kevin Esicheid said Saathoff's death came as a shock, "He was always about helping others and his family first. His grandchildren specifically and now with his passing and him able to help other people after his passing is huge."

Chief Eischeid said Saathoff came from a long line of firefighters and leaves behind a wife, his parents, children and grandchildren.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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