Omaha Man Rescues Teen Found In Cold Near Burke High School

Jeremiah Morello doesn't consider himself a hero after rescuing a 14 year old boy, who he found on the ground in the frigid cold near Burke High School Thursday night. "I was doing it because he needed help."

Morello tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB he was driving on the street behind the school around 7:30 Thursday night when something caught his eye. "It looked like fabric blowing in the wind and as I pulled up to the stop sign my lights hit it and I could see what I thought was a foot moving on the curb."

As he got out of his car Morello says he could see it was a person laying there. "And I went up and asked him if everything was ok. He was very disoriented and he said no and that he had fallen."

Morello says the boy's lips were swollen and he was shaking and scared. He was able to tell Morello he had been there for several hours. Morello immediately called 911. He says another couple stopped as he was assisting the boy, but he wonders how many others didn't stop to help or didn't see the boy laying in the cold.

While on the phone with 911, Morello says the boy stood up and he was able to get him into his warm vehicle to wait for paramedics. They took him to Children's Hospital in serious condition.

"I was just really concerned about his safety, having fallen and been outside for so long." Morello says he is happy the boy is alive and that he could lend a helping hand. "It's not about being a hero, it's about doing the right thing for a person in need," Morello says. "There's so many times that we all walk by someone in need and we don't do anything."


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