DEA Investigating Metro Pain Relief Clinic

An Omaha pain management clinic is being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, according to officials.

The practice in question is the Medical Pain Relief Clinic near 139th and West Center. DEA officials say the clinic is under active investigation but have not stated why there is an investigation.

6 News reports that their crew saw state authorities at the clinic, carrying out a large number of boxes and loading them into the back of a car.

One witness was at a doctor's appointment down the hall and told 6 News there were more than a dozen police officers and DEA agents present. Terry Boer says they aren't sure why they were collecting records, “But they were very serious, they had very serious looks on their faces and it looked like they were looking for a lot of information.”

Jada Grover told 6 News that arrived for an appointment Wednesday but was turned away. “I definitely wouldn't have come out for nothing if I had known about this. This is crazy.”


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