Argument Over Cats Leads To Bloody Fight In Lincoln

An argument over the ownership of cats led to a bloody fight between two brothers in Lincoln Wednesday morning. Lincoln Police say a 35-year-old man called and said his 39-year-old brother, Kambiz Amjad, was destroying items in their apartment.

Officers arrived and the younger brother opened the door. Officers could see he was bleeding from his mouth and nose. Amjad saw what was happening and pushed the door shut to stop officers from entering and began to barricade the door.

Officers forced the door open and took Amjad into custody. The younger brother says Amjad wanted to move out and they got into an argument about who would take ownership of the cats. The victim said Amjad began destroying things in the apartment so he confronted him in the living room.

The younger brother said Amjad punched him several times, picked up a lamp and began striking him in the head. Amjad heard officers knocking and went to the window to yell at the officers, which allowed the victim to crawl to the door for help.

Officers found blood in the bathroom and items thrown around the apartment. Amjad was arrested for 2nd degree assault and resisting arrest.

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