Eastman Tells Bacon Told to Return 'Tainted' Money

Democratic candidate Kara Eastman calling on Republican Congressman Don Bacon to return Ricketts’ four figure contribution.

According to the Eastman campaign, Bacon received 2,700 dollars from Ricketts in 2018, a figure a Bacon spokesperson confirms.

In a statement Eastman says “I was sickened beyond words by the racist statements released yesterday in national and local media by Joe Ricketts as it relates to our nation’s Muslim residents and other groups….I call upon Representative Bacon to join Nebraskans in repudiating Joe Ricketts by disavowing these statements and returning his tainted cash.”

Danielle Jensen, a spokesperson for Bacon, tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB that “Mr. Ricketts has taken responsibility for his actions and apologized. We’re not going to dignify this obvious attempt at race-baiting.”

Eastman lost to Bacon by just two points last November.

(Photo: News Channel Nebraska)


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