Businesses On High Alert Following String Of Burglaries

Some Elkhorn businesses are on high alert following a string of recent burglaries. Within two weeks, a number of Elkhorn businesses have been burglarized.

Shake Life employees tell 6 News that they found broken glass and a broken door at their workplace. "You can tell the hammer hit or whatever they used was right here and the whole thing shattered," Christian Dudzik said.

Dudzik says the burglars didn't get in, and didn't trigger the security alarm, so staff members weren't sure what they planned on taking. "No, very lucky. And we don't keep a lot of cash on hand or anything, so they would have been disappointed with what they found."

The burglar also hit Envyus Salon two weeks before. Rhiannon Crook told 6 News that they broke in the back door and left the place a mess. "They took cash, products, tools, curling irons, clippings, things that wouldn't be useful to anyone who wasn't a stylist," she said.

The shop's total loss was $6,000, and Crook says it wasn't covered by insurance. "Immediately we went next door to see if anyone else had been hit or if they had surveillance footage."

Envyus has buffed up their security and Shake Life said they plan to do the same.

Omaha Police aren't sure if it is the same person or a group of people targeting the businesses, as there are no suspects yet, but investigators are looking for leads. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.


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