Next Step Taken To Legalize Medical Marijuana

A group called Nebraskans for Sensible Marijuana Laws, has submitted its proposed medical marijuana initiative to the Nebraska Secretary of State for official review.

The initiative, if approved by voters in the November 2020 election, would amend Nebraska’s state constitution to protect the right of Nebraskans with serious medical conditions to access medical marijuana.

“We are excited to file this proposed initiative and begin the process of qualifying for the 2020 ballot,” says Senator Anna Wishart, campaign co-chair. “This constitutional amendment is concise and effective, and represents a positive step forward for public health policy in Nebraska.”

Lawmakers in Lincoln are currently considering legislation introduced by Wishart to establish a fully regulated medical marijuana law.

“My preference remains the legislative process." Wishart says. "My hope is that my colleagues will see the strong support among Nebraska voters for medical marijuana and act upon that support by passing a law this year.”

The proposed initiative establishes constitutional protections for patients and caregivers. “Our proposed constitutional amendment will protect patients and establish the foundation upon which a medical marijuana program will be built,” says Senator Adam Morfeld , a campaign co-chair. “After we enact this constitutional amendment, access to medical marijuana will become a constitutional right, and the legislature will need to enact detailed regulations into law.”


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