Suspect Identified In Ralston Cold Case Murder

Investigators have identified the suspect in a 2013 Ralston cold case murder.

At a news conference Monday morning, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine and Ralston Police Chief Marc Leonardo said that DNA evidence collected at the scene led to the suspect, 27 year old Ricardo Raul Escobedo Jr.

Escobedo is being charged with First Degree Murder for the 2013 murder of Amiee Kearns in Ralston on October 28th, 2013. Kearns was shot to death in her Orleans Square Apartment, near 83rd and L. Kearns and a friend were inside the apartment when police say two men broke in, stole a laptop computer and shot Kearns.

Escobedo was in custody in Iowa on a drug charge and under questioning, authorities said he admitted to involvement in the Kearns case. He is currently waiting extradition back to Nebraska. A second suspect was not mentioned at the news conference on Monday.


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