Cats Found In Council Bluffs Dumpster

A mother cat and her six kittens are safe after being left in a dumpster to die. 

DeAnn Nelson is an animal control officer at Midland's Humane Society in Council Bluffs and says they got the call last Wednesday from a good Samaritan who heard something inside a dumpster at the Chapel Ridge Apartments. 

Nelson says, "They had gotten a hold of me, animal control.   We came down and it turned out to be a mom and her kittens taped up in a box that was left in a dumpster.  The good Samaritan had gotten them out already and was warming them when I got there."

Nelson says they were surprisingly in good shape.  Their weight was good, were socialized and in good health.  They were also socialized so obviously had been someone's cats. 

Nelson says, "There are so many other avenues.  There are Humane Society's in the area.  Rescues.  You can get on the internet and Google and look up any rescue in the area and they will find a way to take in your animals.  There is no excuse."

The kittens, three male and three female, are about five weeks old and will have to remain with their mother a few more weeks before they are put up for adoption.  The mother will also get a new, good home. 

Meanwhile, the search for those responsible continues.  They will likely face animal cruelty and neglect if they are located.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Midlands Humane Society. 


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