HUD Grants Omaha $3.1 Million Grant To Address Lead Paint Hazards

City leaders have announced that the Omaha has received a $3.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development'Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program. The Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes grant provides funds to address lead-based paint hazards and other health hazards in homes such as radon.  

The funds received will be used to make improvements to at least 150 homes within eastern Omaha. Homes built before 1978 that have not been fully remodeled are likely to have lead-based paint present.  

Prior to 1978, lead was added to paint to make it very durable. This created a health hazard of lead exposure for occupants living in these homes with deteriorated lead-based paint. The most concerning health factor related to lead exposure is the development/functioning of the nervous system. Children five years of age and younger are the most vulnerable. Lead poisoning in children can lead to developmental delays, learning difficulties, irritability, gastrointestinal issues, and various other negative medical and behavioral problems.

To qualify, applicants must live in a home built before 1978 within eastern Omaha.  Rental (including apartments) and owner-occupied units are eligible to apply. The applicant must have one child five years of age or younger living in the home or visiting regularly.  

Applicants must also have a household income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income.  For example, the maximum household income for a family of four is $65,300. If the home is owner-occupied, the program is 100% free for participants. If the home/apartment is a rental, the landlord must match project costs by 10%. Homes identified with children with elevated blood levels outside the focus area are encouraged to apply as well.

 Those interested in applying can contact Sarah Frederick at 402-444-5150 Ext. 2028 or to receive an application. 


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