Lincoln Police Officer Choked By DUI Suspect

A Lincoln man landed himself behind bars after reportedly hitting and choking a police officer Wednesday night.

Lincoln Police say just after 10:30, officers observed a white Toyota SUV running in a parking lot near 18th and N Street. The driver, 51 year old Brian Wit, was unconscious behind the wheel. As the officer continued to knock on the window, Wit went in and out of consciousness, reportedly had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. 

Officers directed Wit to shut the car off and get out, but he became argumentative while police gave him over a dozen commands to step out of the car. Wit tried to shut the door on the officer multiple times and as the officer gave Wit one last command to get out, he again refused. When the officer grabbed Wit’s arm to pull him out of the vehicle, Wit attacked him. 

Wit struck the officer in the face and neck, then grabbed the officers throat and began squeezing, choking the officer. Another officer sprayed pepper spray but it had no effect on Wit. The officer was eventually able to break free from Wit’s grasp but Wit continued to struggle with officers. Eventually, officers deployed a Taser, but it also had no effect on Wit. The struggle continued and Wit was eventually handcuffed without injury to himself. 

Wit had 3 prior DUI convictions and had an ignition interlock permit, but the vehicle he was driving did not have an interlock device in it. He was transported to the hospital, per policy, was medically cleared and transported to jail where he refused a chemical test. Wit was arrested for Fourth Offense DUI with Refusal of a Chemical Test, Resisting Arrest, Obstructing a Peace Officer, Assaulting a Police Officer and Possession of 16 grams of Marijuana.


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