Evnen Wants To Replace Ballot Counting Equipment

Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen has proposed plans to upgrade ballot counting equipment in the state Nebraska. Nebraska's ballot counting equipment was purchased in 2005 with federal funds.

The machines have been used in Nebraska for more than 13 years. Evnen says while accurate and secure, parts are becoming scarce and technologically superior vote tabulators are now available. 

Money to replace equipment statewide was requested in Evnen's budget submission.  The Governor included funds for this project in his biennium budget released last week.  "We appreciate Governor Ricketts including funds in the biennium budget to start the process of replacing aging components in Nebraska's election infrastructure. I look forward to working with the legislature and our county election officials to finalize this budget request and begin work on this important project."  

If approved by the legislature, new equipment will be delivered to all 93 counties and training will be provided for all election officials before the May 12, 2020 statewide primary election. Evnen says the new ballot counting equipment will adhere to Nebraska’s standard of voting by use of a paper ballot. 

“Nebraska’s elections are secure, reliable and accurate. This is one of the steps that we are taking to ensure that our elections remain that way,” Evnen says. "Nebraska’s eligible voters can be confident that their ballots will continue to be cast securely and counted accurately." 

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