Metro School Officials Monitoring Weather Forecast

School Bus in Snow

The potential combination of freezing rain and snow has school superintendents from across the metro area considering a snow day for Tuesday.

Freezing drizzle is possible beginning Monday night and into early Tuesday morning followed by snow. Brandi Paul with Westside Community Schools tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB the safety of bus drivers, students and teenage drivers are some of the factors they consider.    

Paul says all of the superintendents will stay in contact through the evening and make a decision as early as possible to give families a chance to plan for a snow day.  "We have about 34 percent of our students who are option enrollment kids, who come from different parts of the city.  I think that's the same boat a lot of our superintendents are in.  They know they have learners that are coming from many miles away.  So they are talking to each other about what's it look like in your area, what are you thinking."

Last Thursday night the superintendents monitored the forecast and decided to cancel classes on Friday. Paul anticipates a similar scenario Monday night.  

You can monitor the KFAB Snow Desk for any school announcements Monday evening.


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