Emergency Rooms Busy Treating People Who Fell On Ice

Slip on Ice

Metro area emergency rooms have been extra busy after Friday's freezing rain led to dozens of slips and falls.

CHI Health says 57 people were treated in their six emergency rooms on Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday 102 people who slipped and fell ended up in one of those emergency rooms.   Dr. Chris Acker tells NewsRadio 1110 KFAB they have treated people of all ages.  "We've seen anything from bumps and bruises to concussions to bad ankle and bone fractures."                                                                               

Acker says they stopped short of having to call in extra staff to treat all of the injured people.  He says this was an unusually high case for one storm. 

"Typically, we get some slips and falls but the snow storm turned more into an ice storm and I don't think everybody was prepared for how slippery it was," Acker says.

With freezing rain and snow again in the forecast tonight and Tuesday, Acker anticipates seeing more weather related injuries.  



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