Plans Laid Out For 180th Street Expansion

A major construction plan has been announced by Douglas County officials as plans take shape for the expansion of 180th Street. A contract is expected to be awarded in the fall with construction set for next year.

Douglas County Engineering and Planning Manager Dan Kutilek tells 6 News that, “Today we're working in the same, all rowing the boat in the same direction.” The transformation will turn the road from two lanes to four. A large bridge will also connect the two sides of 180th so drivers will finally be able to get between Dodge and Blondo. 

Chana Brickell owns a home near 180th and she tells 6 News that it's a lot of change. “Convenience is great but I will miss the quiet and privacy which is part of the reason we moved out here.”

Other neighbors, like Brooke Loutzenhiser, share in Brickell's concerns. “We just have a lot of kids around here that like to run and play so safety is our biggest issue that we're worried about.”

People on the west side of the road aren't too happy either. One man losing his property, the homeowner telling 6 News that he knows it's the price of progress but he’s sad to leave.

Brickell says some of the change will be positive though. “It is really dark behind here. There is no lighting and it is a little scary sometimes at night.”

The project is expected to be finished in 2023 and should help relieve congestion on 168th and 192nd streets.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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