Nebraska Organ Recovery Changes Name, Opens New Headquarters

It's a new beginning for Nebraska Organ Recovery, the organization that facilitates organ and tissue donation.

On Tuesday they announced that they have changed their name to Live On Nebraska.  The rebrand coincides with completion of construction of the organization’s new headquarters located at 38th and Leavenworth St.

Kyle Herber, President & CEO, says the new building and name change reflect the organization’s growth. “In 1977, Nebraska Organ Recovery consisted of three employees, who at the time, only recovered kidneys,” Herber says. “Today, we’re a team of more than 65 passionate individuals who work around the clock to recover everything from kidneys, liver and hearts, to bone, skin and even placenta, all for transplantation.” 

He says Live On Nebraska represents the new life transplant recipients are given through organ and tissue donation, but also the legacy that individuals leave behind because of their decision to donate.  

“Everyone involved in the donation process, from donor families, to transplant surgeons, to our own staff, is united in our hope that comes from knowing that lives are transformed from the generosity of one person,” Herber says. 

The modernization of the organization’s brand is also reflected in the organization’s new building. Consisting of more than 20,000 square feet, Live On Nebraska’s new headquarters includes updated operating suites where tissue recovery takes place and an organ perfusion room. Space has also been made for a call center which will allow Live On Nebraska to directly receive all donation referral calls, a service that was previously outsourced.   

This spring, the facility will have a memorial garden honoring donors and a bench where family members can refelct on the gift of life their loved ones made.

On February 1, the Douglas County Coroner’s office will also move its operations to the building from the Douglas County Hospital. Doing so will more than double the Coroner’s office autopsy capabilities and storage capacity.  “The close proximity of the Coroner’s office will also contribute to more tissue recovery,” Herber says.  

When a death involves an investigation, tissue recovery is still possible, but time constraints can play a factor. Herber says having both organizations in the same building will allow for increased collaboration and efficiency. 

The organization’s new website is 


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