Designers Field Suggestions From The Public On Museum Expansion

Art lovers are eagerly awaiting designs for Joslyn Art Museum's new undertaking and as the plan is still fluid, the architects wanted to get thoughts from the public on Sunday.

Snohetta architect Michelle Delk tells 6 News that the public has shown great interest in the project. “There really is genuine curiosity about what's happening, excitement about the possibility. Interest in seeing this evolve."

That enthusiasm showed as crowds packed the atrium at Joslyn Art Museum to let designers know what they want to see in the new expansion. “People can share their likes and dislikes and qualities and characteristics that they would hope to see as a part of the future of the museum,” said Delk.

Delk and members of the architectural team from Snohetta chatted with visitors and observed feedback for hours to get an idea of what draws Omahans to the art museum in the first place. “We're really trying to listen and learn as much as we can about the Joslyn and people's memories and their favorite places and what they're imagining and thinking about for the future of the museum."

Children built and drew their imaginary designs for the new facility.

Others like Anna House noted their favorite exhibits at Joslyn. "I always really like the modern art galleries. Going through the old ones, it's always fun to see, as I learn more and go through the world, it's fun to see things that I didn't know about before."

Local architecture firm Alley Poyner Macchietto is assisting Snohetta with the designs. It's unclear at this point when plans will be completed or when Omahans could see the new facility.


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