Omaha Fire Union President Denies Assault Allegation

Omaha Fire Union President Steve LeClair has responded to assault allegation made against him by a woman at a bar in November.

LeClair is currently on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues into the alleged incident.  The woman claims LeClair punched her in the back at Tiger Tom's bar near 72nd and Military Avenue.     She said the force of the punch knocked her out of her seat and she identified LeClair as the one who assaulted her.  She filed a police report on Tuesday.

LeClair released this statement Thursday:

“The accusation against me that was reported yesterday about an incident where I allegedly punched a woman at a retirement party back in November is false. The person alleging this is either confused or not being truthful. Once the investigations, which I am cooperating with, have concluded, I’m confident I will be cleared and back to work doing what I have done my entire career; responding to our citizens most in need.”

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert says when the City became aware of the accusations made against Mr. LeClair, an internal investigation was started and LeClair was placed on paid administrative leave December 21.


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