Senator Warren Stopped In Council Bluffs Friday Night

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was in Council Bluffs on Friday to acquaint herself with potential constituents.   Warren planned a trip to Iowa after announcing her intent to run for president in 2020 earlier this week. 

Council Bluffs was one of four stops during her first visit to the state.  Warren's event started at 6 p.m., and there were lines of people ready to hear what the senator had to say. 

"I hope to see somebody fighting for middle class, and I've seen her fight for middle class, so I believe she can do it," one woman in line told 6 News. 

Another person waiting said they just wanted to see someone who is honest run for the office.  Just before speaking, the power went out at McCoy's Bar, Patio and Grill, leaving Warren to speak in the dark. 

"If you believe that government out to work for all of us, then I think that's what the democratic party should be all about," Warren said to cheers. 

People in the room were called by number and able to ask Warren questions.  "These are dangerous times for our country. And Iowa is going to have a big part in determining where we go next," the senator said during the question period. 

After questions, Warren got of stage and mingled with supporters. Many said they were impressed. 

"I thought she did a great job, that she touched on a lot of points and she answered everybody's questions> She was honest, she had the facts to back them," Anna Gerjavic of Council Bluffs said. 

Warren described her 2020 presidential campaign run as the "fight of her life."

Her next stop is Sioux City.

(Photo: 6 News)


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