Ex-Con Arrested After Being Found With Brass Knuckles

Lincoln Police have arrested a man who they say had a pair of red brass knuckles with a four inch blade that folds into the handle, 

Officers made a traffic stop near 17th and D Streets around 2:00 a.m. after the woman driver made an improper turn.

23 year old Haleigh Kappel pulled into a private driveway that did not belong to her.  Police said Kappel had a suspended license.

The passenger tried to conceal his face during the contact and police say an officer saw red brass knuckles on the floor by the passenger.  He was taken into custody and provided a false name and date of birth, according to police.

Officers searched the man, found his ID and verified that he was 26-year-old Steven Armenta-Price.  Officers also located a small plastic container that had an unknown yellow powder inside. 

Armenta-Price had two out-of-county felony warrants and was on probation.  He was found to be a convicted felon with his most recent conviction from September 2017 out of Madison County for possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

Armenta-Price was arrested on suspicion of possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, carrying a concealed weapon, and providing false information to a police officer. 

Kappel was cited for a suspended license and improper turn.  The yellow powder was sent to the lab for testing. 


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