Suspect On the Run After Ramming Police Cruiser

A Carter Lake Police sergeant walked away uninjured after a man reportedly rammed his cruiser early Thursday morning.

Just before 4:30, Carter Lake Police went to check on a suspicious vehicle in a hotel parking lot and the sergeant found a man passed out behind the wheel.

When the man woke up, he started driving away in the Land Rover, rammed the cruiser and fled the scene. The cruiser was disabled in the crash but the sergeant was outside of the vehicle and wasn't hurt.

Officers then pursued the SUV to the area of 30th & Huntington in Omaha, just north of Miller Park. The driver bailed out and ran into the neighborhood. Police set up a perimeter in the area and searched the neighborhood with a Douglas County K9 unit.

Officers began to break down the scene about an hour later, apparently unable to find the man. Authorities say the Land Rover was stolen last week.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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