New Years Day Fire Forces Six People From Apartment

No one was injured after fire broke out in an apartment building near 38th and Farnam around 8:00 Tuesday morning.  

Investigators say a resident woke to the sound of the smoke detector going off and found smoke in the front bedroom.  The man had the five children in the apartment exit the building while he tried to find the source of the smoke. 

Investigators say he determined that the fire was in the corner of the bedroom and that he could not put it out,  so he too exited the building. The fire was determined to be accidental due to overloaded electrical circuit. 

The fire was contained to the one apartment and there is smoke damage to the rest of the building. The Red Cross was called to assist the residents of the apartment, which turned out to be the only one occupied in the building.  Damage is estimated at more than $70,000.


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