First Baby Born in Omaha In 2019

Katie Seeba of Bennington went to the hospital for high blood pressure on New Year's Eve night Monday and ended up with a baby girl in her arms to ring in 2019. 

The baby wasn't due for another few weeks.  "I was like, let's just do this watching the ball drop in the background. So, it was kinda fun," Seeba says. 

Peyton Jade Seeba was the first baby born in Omaha in 2019.  "I wasn't planning on having a New Year's Eve baby. Three weeks early or so... it's exciting. It's a little more special being added to the holiday," Seeba says. 

Seeba says she and her husband actually had holiday dinner plans, but that quickly changed. Baby Peyton arrived at 12:02 a.m. 

"She was here after 30 minutes of pushing, real quick."  Seeba says now Peyton's birthday will be extra special, especially as she gets a little older. 

"She's definitely got a story to tell. She came into the world a little dramatic with a little drama, but I'm sure she'll have a really fun 21st birthday," she laughed. 

(Photo: 6 News)


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