The Uber For Snow Removal Has Arrived In the Metro

As we head into the snowiest part of winter, strapping on boots and heading out into the cold isn't the most desirable way to spend the day for many Nebraskans. So instead, the San Diego based startup Lawn Love has a better way to clear away the snow.

Lawn Love has launched an on-demand app that allows users to schedule snow removal as quickly and conveniently as ordering an Uber. 

CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi says the service aims to ease the struggle of finding someone reliable to clear snow from driveways and sidewalks. "It's a large market, but lots of the existing service providers don't use much software to operate their businesses. As a result, the consumer experience is very low-tech, pretty poor and antiquated."

Yamaguchi says homeowners can now request snow removal instantly through their smartphone or computer by simply typing in their address. "We have satellite mapping tools and quoting algorithms, and we measure your driveway, your sidewalk. Essentially create a personalized, structured blueprint of your yard and can give you an estimate within two minutes without ever stepping foot on your property." Once users get their quote, they are then assigned an independently contracted snow removal technician to complete the job.

Yamaguchi says they want to provide a service that will have a positive impact on the lives of its customers in snowstorm areas. “Customers have been telling us for years about how difficult it can be to get reliable snow removal. If a service provider doesn’t show up, people are left stranded in their homes with no quick fix options. Lawn Love is providing the solution to this problem."

Lawn Love’s snow removal technicians are all local operators with more than one season of experience. The platform not only provides technicians with new customers but also job clustering, customer service, and payment tools that revolutionizes their business operations.“The tools that we are giving our contractors allows them to streamline their daily routes, meaning they can clear more snow, from more properties. And at the end of the day, that’s better for customers and providers."

As well as ‘once off services’, users can also schedule snow removal for the entire winter season. And the company’s sophisticated weather mapping software means that the providers will never miss a snow day. The service is also provided in the warmer months for other lawn care needs, like mowing.

You can find more information and scheduling here


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