Teen Facing Charges After Spitting On Lincoln Police Officer

An Omaha teen is facing charges in Lincoln after allegedly shoplifting and spitting on a police officer.

Lincoln Police say on Wednesday witnesses reported that three women were stealing from cars in the parking lot of the mall at 61st and O Street. The trio reportedly entered the mall and stole approximately $235 in merchandise from Forever 21 and $90 in merchandise from Victoria’s Secret. 

Authorities say most of the stolen items were recovered from the vehicle they arrived in, which was registered to twenty year old Biola Eremeti of Omaha. Eremeti was cited for MIP and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Eighteen year old Halima Khartoum, of Omaha was Cited for Theft by Shoplifting. 

A seventeen year old girl from Omaha was found to be intoxicated and was placed in the backseat of the cruiser. When the officer lowered the window to speak to her, she spat on the officer, kicked and screamed in the backseat. During the incident, the teen broke the door handle of the cruiser, causing approximately $100 in damage. 

The teen was transported to a youth facility where she spit on two employees. She was referred to the county attorney for Theft by Shoplifting, Vandalism, Assault on a Police Officer and two charges of Assault on a Healthcare Worker.


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