Man Linked To Attempted Abduction Turns Himself In To Police

A man accused of attempting to abduct a pregnant woman is now behind bars after turning himself in to police. Council Bluffs Police say 37 year old Terrance Prine Jr. turned himself in on Thursday, after a warrant was put out for his arrest. 

Police say Prine attempted to abduct a 27 year old pregnant woman from the parking lot of a Council Bluffs Burger King Saturday morning. A witness says Prine was waiting for the woman as soon as she walked outside. "She had looked over here towards Broadway, and when she did, she saw the guy and the guy started chasing her, so she went over here towards her car, and the guy went after her."

That's when the struggle ensued, with police saying the suspect grabbed her arm and tried to drag her away, thankfully the victim only suffered a bruise to her arm.

Prine faces a Third Degree Kidnapping charge.


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