Local Jesuit Priests Named In List Of Alleged Sexual Abusers

A report released on Monday listed three local priests accused of sexually abusing children during their time at Creighton Prep. The list was sent out by the Midwest Province of Jesuits amidst increasing pressure on the Catholic Church to address its child sex abuse crisis.

Two of the priests listed, Father Willard Dessel and Father Daniel Kenney, had already been named in November. Their incidents of abuse reportedly occurred in the 70's and 80's.

The third name was that of Father Thomas Haller, who served at the school from 1955 to 1980. The abuse did not involve a Prep student in this case.

The president of the Survivors Network, Tim Lennon, said the release of the names is just the beginning of understanding the number of children abused by the priests. "Some people bury their memories for decades. I did not remember some of my abuse for 30 years. Some for 50 years. So, coming forward is a difficult kind of process, but when there's public disclosure, it does provide a step toward healing."

Anyone who could be considered a victim is being asked to come forward and contact the institution where they were abused.


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