Good Samaritan Thwarts Omaha Carjacking

Omaha Police say a Good Samaritan chased down four teenagers after one of them stole the car keys from an elderly man in the parking lot of the HyVee at 50th and center early Tuesday morning.  

Omaha Police tell NewsRadio 1110 KFAB the man was leaving the store around 12:20 when he saw four teenagers hanging out in the parking lot.  The initially asked if they could help him and he said no.  Police say one of the teens asked the man for a dollar and as he reached into his pocket to give him a dollar, the teen grabbed the man's keys, which were in a lanyard around his neck.

Police say red marks could be seen on the victim's neck from the force. The entire group then ran behind the building. A man who had witnessed everything chased after the teenagers and and confronted them behind the store.

He told them to give the keys back,  which they did. One of the teenagers dropped an unopened bottle of Captain Morgans, later discovered to have been stolen from the store. 

The suspects then fled north through a nearby park and have not been caught.




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