Omaha Families Seek Justice For Loved Ones

Three families that share a connection none of them ever wanted came together over the weekend. 

Camisha Hollis, Jasmine Harris, and Janee Hadan were remembered citywide on Saturday. Their loved one releasing pink balloons in the hope they'd find them. Three lives, lost to violence.

"Every day. Every hour. Not a minute goes by that we don't think about her,” said an aunt of Jasmine Harris.

“We haven't heard from her or seen her and it's been a nightmare not knowing what happened,” said Martha Hollis, the mother of Camisha Hollis.

“We can all come together for one common cause, which is bringing justice for our loved ones,” said Makayla Walker, sister of Janee Hadan.

Hollis, a 34 year old mother, is still missing after eight months. Her ten year old daughter told police she heard her father beating Hollis the night she vanished.

In June, 20 year old Jasmine Harris was killed, caught in the crossfire of rival gang members on a Saturday night out in Old Market. "Jasmine's loss has just been so detrimental to our family."

A tragedy Makayla Walker is all too familiar with. "My sister Janee Hadan was shot and killed in crossfire," said Walker. "She wanted to leave the club early to go home and at the same time that they started to shoot at another person, it hit her." It's the five-year anniversary of the 24-year-old preschool teacher and mother of one's death.

Walker says there’s still no answers. "There's been no witnesses that have come forward, a lot of hearsay about what has happened, but we just want justice."

Two lives taken. One missing. Zero convictions. "This can be your family member, it could be your sister, it could be your cousin. It could be anybody,” Walker said.

"What if one of their family members died and we never said anything? They should think about other people too," said Hadan’s 8-year-old son, Taevon, who was just the years old when his mother was killed.

Janee's mother, Amy Hadan, told 6 News after her daughter's death in 2013, she wanted to be able to tell Taevon, when he was old enough, that his mother's killer is in jail. There has never been an arrest made in the case.

Omaha police announced in August, they are still investigating the disappearance of Hollis and the death of Harris.

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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