Man Attempts To Abduct Pregnant Woman From Council Bluffs Burger King

Council Bluffs Police are on the lookout for a man who walked through the doors of the Burger King at 15th and Broadway and reportedly tried to force someone to leave with him.

Burger King Manager Richard Birkholtz tells 6 News, "We've had a couple little incidents but nothing like that."

Police say the suspect attempted to abduct a 27 year old pregnant woman from the restaurant's parking lot Saturday morning. Birkholtz says the man was waiting for her as soon as she walked outside. "She had looked over here towards Broadway, and when she did, she saw the guy and the guy started chasing her, so she went over here towards her car, and the guy went after her."

That's when the struggle ensued, with police saying the suspect grabbed her arm and tried to drag her away.

"He pushed her down to the ground and then said he was going to kill her,” said Birkholtz. 

Birkholtz said the incident happened at the entryway of the building, but they could hear the victim’s screams on the drive-thru microphone. "Drive-thru picked it up and one of the customers actually got out of his car and ran over to her. That's when I ran out of the back door and another employee here ran out there with her and she actually stayed with her until the ambulance got here."

The victim suffered just a bruise to her arm.

Witnesses say the suspect drove away south on 15th Street in a gray car but not before he was caught on-camera. In the video, suspect is wearing a plaid jacket, blue jeans, and, witnesses say, a Dallas Cowboys jersey. Police describe him as a heavy set man in his thirties.

Birkholtz says the suspect was in the restaurant for about an hour, but says that's not irregular for some customers.


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