Ricketts Appointed To Trade Committee By President Trump

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has been appointed to a trade committee by President Trump.

On Wednesday, Ricketts issued a statement following news that he would be serving as a member of the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.

“President Trump has been working tirelessly to secure new trade deals for the United States,” said Governor Ricketts.  “From his newly-signed deal with Canada and Mexico to bringing American beef back to China, the President has been delivering on his promises.  It is an honor to support President Trump’s work in this advisory role as he continues to push for better trade deals for working Americans and our family farmers and ranchers.”

Governor Ricketts says he has aimed to make international trade a pillar of his grow Nebraska agenda. Over the last four years, he has led trade missions to Japan twice, China twice, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. Ricketts says trade policy a major focus of his work with the Trump Administration, including a visit to the White House to talk about trade policy.  

The Governor's office says the committee helps to negotiate trade agreements, implement the agreements, deal with matters of operation of trade agreements and other tasks related to trade policy.


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